Terms of Service

last updated: 18/04/2021

When commissioning Smoodi, you are entering a legally binding contract between the buyer (you), and the seller (me / Smoodi). The commission, including but not limited to, artwork, animation, model, rigs, and or other services provided are most commonly referred to as product, commission, service  and (amongst others) in the agreement below.

By buying from Smoodi, you agree to the following terms of service:

I will refuse all:

  • NSFW feral x anthro artwork
  • NSFW artwork featuring younger characters (such as loli / cub)
  • Extreme fetish artwork (DM me for what this includes)
  • Copyrighted characters that you do not have permission for.
  • Other people’s characters in degrading situations.


I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

When commissioning me you make sure to have all necessary rights and permissions about the assets provided. This includes art pieces I am supposed to animate, characters I am supposed to draw and any other intellectual or physical property used and / or provided.


By commissioning an NSFW art piece you agree to being at least 18 years old. I do not accept responsibility for clients lying about their age when commissioning art, and any client caught so will have their commission immediately cancelled without receiving a refund as well as being exempt from further commissions.

You must be at least 16 years old in order to place a commission.


All artwork must be paid in full (not pending) for me to start work on it.

I accept PayPal payments to the following email address: smoodifox@gmail.com.

Once you have chosen a commission from me, your price quote will be valid for 2 weeks.

I will mark your commission as pending, write down your commission and create a Trello card for it. You will have two weeks to pay for the slot using an invoice sent (or discussed otherwise) before the commission will be marked as cancelled.

If my prices change during this two week window, you will use this quote provided until it expires.


You may not backcharge or force a refund on a commission or product sold under any circumstances.

If a refund is required or requested, I expect you to contact me via email, telegram or any of my other social media pages listed above.  If you would like to refund a commission / product before it has been started, you must communicate and contact me as soon as possible.

If work has been started on the service / commission, you may not be eligible for a full refund.

I will issue refunds at my own discretion if I believe your circumstances to be severe to warrant or if the delivery is overdue. I reserve the right to cancel your commission without warning if you breach my terms of service, or exhibit poor behaviour.

This may include, but is not limited to: prejudice against sexuality / race / gender identity and or beliefs, as well being rude or brash, falsifying beware(s), scamming, forcing refunds, backcharging and or using my artwork or service provided for commercial purposes without prior consent.

If I miss a deadline, I will contact you to work out an appropriate compensation for the missed deadline.

I reserve the right to refund full, or half, during any point of the commissioning process depending on how much work has been done prior.


Please note, that I reserve the right to decline (art-) trades at any point without further reasoning.

Upon entering an art trade the following rules will apply:

If you are interested in an art trade, you must complete your part of the art trade before I will begin on my half.

If I contacted you first, I will be completing my half of the art trade first. 

Art trades must be discussed with each other fully first before drawing any of my characters.


If you would like me to draw a gift for a friend, please make sure you let me know the artwork is a gift prior to commissioning me, and I will not upload any discerning information until it is completed and / or a communally agreed date.

Please note, that I will still expect you to take responsibility for having the owner’s permission / rights for any asset, such as characters, provided / included.


Sketch phase

When commissioning me for a service / product I will ask you for a brief about the piece you’d like made.

At this point you’ll have the option to describe the design you’d like or go for an artistic liberty option. If you choose artistic liberty, please bear in mind you are giving me the freedom to draw your character(s) however I’d like to.

Latter I will only do SFW pieces for, but if you have a preferred scene, you are required to explain the scenerio before the linework has begun (during sketch phase).

Work-In-Progress (WIP)

Work-in-Progress sketches will be sent for fullbody poses, reference sheets and complex pieces.

I will not continue work on the piece until you have a communicated with me that you are happy with this piece.

If you are not happy with the work-in-progress sketch, or you would like something changed, I expect you to tell me at this stage in the creative process. If you inform me later on after the lineart and colouring has begun, I will not be able to make the changes, and additional fees may apply.

Social Media and sharing artwork

I reserve the right to post and publish the products and artwork I created on social media, including but not limited to: Twitter, FurAffinity and my own website.

You can request to have the product you commission not posted online, but your commission might be refused. However, this must be discussed upfront before the commission has been started.

You have the right to use the artwork / product received for personal purposes. This includes getting prints made for yourself, t-shirts made, reposting it on social media as long as there is no money made from it.

Commercial purposes

If you are commissioning a piece you intend to profit on, you should notify me prior to the commission. Purchasing commercial and full ownership rights will result in an additional royalty charge being applied to remove the watermark and artists’ rights.

Purchasing rights and their prices for commercial purposes will always be discussed separately as prices may vary depending on the project. There is no guarantee commercial licenses / rights are purchasable and / or obtainable from commissions made prior without the purchase of commercial licenses in mind.

Examples for commercial uses are, but not limited to: reselling prints (e.g. on t-shirts), pillows, canvases, wall art, tattoos, logos, icons for business accounts, websites and twitch partners as well as advertisement(s).


Discounts (e.g. via discount codes) are offered independently and vary from project to project. There is no discount on shipping or on physical products.

Friends and Family discounts are offered at my discretion and are considered low priority commissions. Low priority commissions means they will be completed after other commissions in my queue.

Vouchers and discount codes are routinely offered on social media in form of a discount code and / or a raffle and giveaways. Vouchers and gift cards are usually valid for 12 months, except explicitly stated otherwise. Earlier expiration days are usually common around event vouchers like found on social media.

Rush Fees

Rush fees will incur a charge of +5-20% of the total commission cost, depending on the type of the commission and the amount of time given.


They are discussed and mutually agreed on.